Accessibility Statement


Accessibility statement
3rd February 2017



  • Situated on the quayside of the Island’s capital Douglas. With waterside views of the yacht marina.
  • 500 yards from the local and only train station
  • Taxi ranks on 2 full sides of the premises
  • Situated directly next to the bus depot, 30 second walk. Access to all bus timetables available at the depot.
  • Level paved and kurbed 3” areas around back and side of premises. Front of premises has large level seating area, level tarmac road blended to pavement situated at the front of premises.
  • 3 entrances in total, 2 entrances available for full wheelchair access
  • Sea terminal 5 minute walk from premises
  • Taxi depot 3 minute walk from premises
  • Horse tram drop off, 7 minute walk on main promenade.



  • Car parking available completely around premises.
  • Front of premises, is 2 hour limit using isle of man parking disc, available at the dept of transport headquarters, 5 minute walk.
  • Pay and dispaly car park situated directly behind premises, approx 200 cars. Charges are £2.50 half day, £4.50 all day Mon-Sat. No charge on Sundays.
  • Disabled parking available at front of building, and in pay and display car park – both no charge for permit holders.
  • Car park is tarmac surface, some areas uneven.
  • Full street lighting in car park and at front of building, all the way down the quayside.
  • Drop off points for drivers all around premises, by all 3 entrances. All have small kerb approx 3”
  • One step access at front entrance approx 6”
  • All 3 entrances are glass double door opening if required for prams/wheelchairs, all 3 door entrances are identical and span 5ft (60 inches / 1530mm)
  • Customers can be helped into premises by any member of staff if requested.



  • Premises is split into two separate areas, lower level restaurant area, with raised bar area.
  • Access from raised bar to lower restaurant is by both a stap or ramp in the bar area.
  • The step in bar area is approx 6” with central hand rail and warning signage.
  • Ramp has warning signage and 2 hand rails.
  • Seating is a mixture of: Booth seating, upright chairs both with and without arms, bar stools.
  • Tables are available in both fixed seating and moveable.
  • Height of tables are 30” 760mm
  • Chairs vary in height dependant on style
  • Whole premises is well lit, with varied lighting.
  • Bar serving level is one height only, assistance can be provided by any member of staff upon request
  • Service during the hours of 12noon – 5pm is order at the bar, from 5pm – 10pm full table service is provided. Customers making bookings in advance will be provided with full table service.
  • Whole premises has ‘concrete style’ block paving, in 2 colours indicating the bar and restaurant areas.
  • Wooden bar top
  • Walls are covered in real wood
  • Menu only available at the moment in print and email copies. Brail and large text not available.
  • Crockery is blue in colour
  • Tablecloths are not used.
  • Music is played at a high level, with up tempo dance and disco style.
  • There are 4 TV’s which show are varied music and news channels
  • The is no hearing loop available



  • There are both ladies and gents toilets
  • Toilets are situated in the far back corner of the premises
  • Each toilet has disabled toilets in them
  • The ladies toilet only at this time has baby changing facilities
  • The entrance to the toilets is all level flooring
  • Door width to the toilets is 31” / 800mm, to cover disabled/wheelchair access
  • Disabled toilet is facing directly when entering the gents toilet, in the ladies it is located to the left when entering.
  • Grab rails are available in the disabled toilets, also red alarm cords.
  • Alarm cords are linked to behind the bar with siren alarm and light notification for staff to assist
  • The is red flashing alarm light situated outside both toilet doors for customer alert
  • Disabled toilets are the height required set by Government legislation
  • The flooring in all toilets is a non slip, blue altro flooring.
  • There are motion activated taps and hand drying facilities.
  • Both the ladies and gents disabled has sink, hand dryer, mirror, hand soap separate facilities.



  • The premises has smoking poles at the front, side and back of the premises.
  • There is a seasonal seating area erected at the front of the premises.
  • This area is split between smoking and non-smoking areas well indicated on the tables
  • The flooring is paved
  • The tables and chairs are a whicker style in black with cushions
  • Lounge seating to the left of the front (smoking), typical seats and chairs to the right and middle (non-smoking)
  • There is a metal bin for rubbish but no hot ash
  • There are blankets available to keep customers warm
  • There is no allowance for charging mobility scooters or battery powered wheelchairs at this time
  • There is a bicycle rack at the rear of the building (4 bikes)
  • Outdoor area table service is not provided
  • Outside tables cannot be pre-booked due to the varying weather conditions on the island



  • Staff are aware to serve wheelchair customers full table service on arrival
  • Evacuation procedures are clearly marked at every entrance, and staff have received basic fire training and evacuation procedures
  • There is a dedicated fire marshal and first aid certificate holder member of staff working everyday
  • The whole inside and outside lighting of the premises is used with LED low energy bulbs
  • WIFI is free throughout the premises with no password and 2 alternative WIFI options



  • There are no future plans at the moment for access changes, as the company feels it has covered legal requirements and beyond.